Real-time insights and reporting for workspace operators

Run your workspace seamlessly using a 360-degree view dashboard

You need to achieve your growth objectives on time and within budget. To stay on top of your existing operation, you need a single, complete view of how your sites are performing. From pipeline to deal ratios, budget planned to revenue per sq.ft, membership to churn, occupancy to utilization and cash to debt. You can make quicker, better decisions from finance to operations, sales and marketing.

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Your business at a glance

Customize your dashboard for a full picture of how your sites are performing and coordinate efforts around the business. Make quicker decisions – from membership and meeting room rates to just-in-time discount offers and ancillary service offers. 

Your revenue streams at a glance

Stay in control of your balance sheet and P&L with a real-time view of revenue against unbilled charges, credit notes or unpaid invoices. Make forecast accuracy easy using a budget planner and setting KPIs – revenue/ sq.ft./ available room/ service; occupancy rates.

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Your operation at a glance

Keep track of your inventory including space, meeting rooms, as well as business and IT and communications services. Create custom reports on occupancy, space utilisation and service charges to understand trends and spot revenue opportunities.

Your pipeline at a glance

Generate more demand and revenue by getting a full picture of the best-performing lead sources. Know your enquiry to tour and opportunity to membership conversion rates so you can generate enough pipeline and launch supporting campaigns when needed.

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