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Private, redundant, resilient workspace management platform

We understand that in today’s digital economy, security is key to operating a successful business. That’s why we have built in a variety of security solutions and processes to safeguard your service delivery capabilities and customer data. We keep on our toes by undertaking regular audits on platform security and integrity.

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No single point of failure

We work in multiples to ensure redundancy – from data centres to network connections to the Internet from different providers. Our built-in failover technology provides enterprise-grade resilience – as little as a few milliseconds for plan B to kick in.

Data centres

We operate from geo-redundant, tier 4 data centres located in the UK and USA. The data centres are SSAE16, ISO27001 and PCI-DSS accredited, ensuring physical, network, data, and user security. We use our own enterprise-grade kit for maximum control.

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Operator Premise Network Security

We provide a powerful tenant VLAN solution for each customer network provisioned, ensuring tenant traffic only utilizes their assigned VLAN. Both long-term residential customer and short-term guest access can be provided securely.

Voice Services Security

We use a combination of network firewall defenses combined with user-interface and network-interface Session Border Controllers. Unauthorised usage is flagged by voice fraud detection in the platform, and via our voice interconnect carrier providers.

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Access Security

Access to Occupie is managed through username and password based authentication. The platform’s closed, meaning that access can only be granted by an existing administrator. Passwords are held in a hashed encrypted state within the database.

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