Client on-boarding for flexible workspaces

Streamline your opportunity to membership conversion process

If you have to insert data more than once, in more than one system, in order to get a new client set up, you are wasting valuable time. So stop it. Transitioning an opportunity to a fully paying customer and automating communication takes one click. Defining bespoke price lists or inventory per customer takes two. All your services come under one bill, there’s never any double keeping and you always have a single customer profile to refer back to.

Want to stop wasting time when on-boarding new clients? Find out how Essensys will automate your on-boarding

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Set up once, appear everywhere

Setting up a new customer is as easy as filling out their business name. Details including registration number are populated automatically. The customer is active across all your sites and within your member community. You can start billing for services.

Easy desk and meeting room booking

Your customers can be fully self-service – from making bookings to paying their balances online. Booking confirmations alongside promotional comms can be automated. Applying a discounted rate for a limited time period for a particular customer is seamless.

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Fast delivery of on-demand IT and comms

Provisioning and delivering services including Wi-Fi, bandwidth and unified comms is simple. You use a graphical representation of your site to match them with rooms and customers. If the customer wants to try your other sites, they’ll have everything in place.

Maximizing service uptake

Knowing who your top paying customers are is as important as knowing those who aren’t. The first is an up-sell, the second a cross-sell opportunity. With a 360 degree view of any client, you can understand what they are buying and what might be next.

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