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Network & Bandwidth Management

For shared and flexible workspaces

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Address different business needs

Make your workspace work for all - you have full flexibility to bundle, price and sell IT services.

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Tailored Service Options

Dedicated bandwidth

Tenants with strict demands on specific internet speed levels, SLAs and enhanced network security can opt for dedicated bandwidth packages.

Shared bandwidth

Most tenants and members of a co-working space, where the number of power-users is limited, will be happy with shared bandwidth – performance is still great.

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Full Control & Flexibility

Bandwidth shaping

Build custom bandwidth packages that cover different performance levels. Ensure the delivery of a consistent, high-performance connection to the internet, on demand.

Bandwidth graphs

View bandwidth usage across sites at tenant level. Make it easy to manage services and troubleshoot issues. Help your tenants better plan for capacity and up-sell services.

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Enterprise Grade Quality

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Performance and availability

Your site is connected to a private, resilient network that ensures maximum service availability. Our 24hour Network Operation Centre (NOC) monitors your services.

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Deploy the amount of bandwidth you want - between 2 and 100megabits per second (Mbps). Minimising wasted capacity and cost for yourself and your tenants.

Flexible Delivery Models

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Bring your own bandwidth

Use your existing bandwidth providers and add the management layer provided by essensys. Provide your customers with a single experience for consuming space and ICT services.

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Fully managed

Take advantage of our enterprise grade services, over 10 years’ experience delivering, managing and supporting ICT services.

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