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Contract & License Management

Effective license and renewal management with flexible rates and terms for faster sales


Maximize opportunity and streamline coworking operations

Turn prospects into customers quicker, offer flexible space offerings and contract terms, all while reducing overhead and eliminating manual processes. 

Hassle-free contract and license renewals management

Space management options, from day rates to long and short term contracts

Manage billing and contracts in a single system for greater accuracy

Advanced billing and stepped license management capabilities

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Faster license agreement turnaround

Operate is purpose-built for coworking operators. Turn prospects into customers quicker with e-Sign capabilities, automation, and workflows. Plus, drive revenue with automatic renewal options.

Simple and secure electronic signature for legally binding contracts

Signed licenses are stored against customer accounts automatically

Easy renewal workflow and term customisation

Unlimited license templates to tailor to different customer types

Workspace management software - e-sign

A Short Guide to Quickly & Efficiently Collecting Cash

Debt collection can become a monthly recurring obstacle if you don't prepare well. Here’s what you need to know.

Quickly & effectively collecting cash coworking space
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Create licenses and collect cash fast

Fixed and rolling terms give you and your members the flexibility that coworking demands. Contract management, producing, and renewing licenses have never been easier with our workspace management software.

Flexible payment terms

Online payment method

Allow members to pay invoices online from the license

Easy contract renewal

e-Signature, workflows and billing management


Keep closing business

Operate's comprehensive capabilities allows you to tailor your operation to your business model seamlessly. Plus you get access to a Point of Sale Interface where you can make any services you want available for easy purchase. 

Customise each item and service in your POS interface

Minimise the risk of revenue leakage

Ensure charges are automatically assigned to the relevant account

Advanced billing and stepped license management agreements

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