Contract and license management for flexible workspaces

Provide the flexible terms your customers need without any hassle

Your market is diverse. It spans from those looking for virtual to serviced offices and coworking environments. Some prefer on-demand space and service use, others short or long term contracts. To increase your market share, you need to be as flexible as they are diverse, and you can. With a few clicks you can create and manage a variety of contracts and licenses.
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Save yourself time, money and hassle – automate your contracts and licenses today

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Balancing contract and license offerings

Creating license templates and fixed, rolling or fixed then rolling terms only takes a few clicks. You can apply them on an individual customer basis without creating any complications to your standard terms. Emailing licenses and supporting documents takes minutes.

Smart management of inventory

You can see occupancy and utilization levels for your site any time. You can push limited time discounted rate offers for meeting rooms or event space to customers and prospects with a few clicks. The same goes for membership agreements and service contracts.

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Move in, move in

You will always have a renewal date coming up and with it a pricing discussion. Some customers, you have to retain. Generating a new contract or license that contains a price reduction takes a few minutes. The same goes for an uplift in price at any given time.

Tour management

Creating proposal templates and sending quotes after a tour is finished which are customized to your prospects’ expectations and needs takes just a few clicks. With two-way email enabled within the platform, you can retain their email response in their account record.

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