Lead generation and pipeline management for workspaces

Be the first to respond to leads, show value and improve your tour to deal ratio

The flexible workspace market is growing exponentially and with it the competition for customers. The good news is you can still differentiate by providing a very fast response to enquiries and an excellent, seamless experience from tour to deal. The key is getting your brand name out there, making use of lead hubs and automating your lead to deal process.

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Broker integration

Access and engage more leads by plugging into more than 20 lead broker feeds. Leads are dynamically routed and assigned to your sales team based on your pre-defined assignment rules. You get full lead details alongside broker information.

Online tour booking

Make it easy for prospects to enquire and book tours with online web-to-lead forms. You can use them on your website, social media or any other third party website. It’s easy to keep track of lead sources and invest more in the right promotional channels.

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Workflow management

Make a great first impression with immediate responses. Setting up workflows to trigger actions when a lead is received or a tour is booked is easy. The prospect and your designated sales rep both get an email listing full tour details – location, date, time. Follow-up is also easy as you can create, assign and track tasks.

Smart emails

Scheduling communication is simple with two-way email capabilities. You can create templates, include merge and configurable fields that help make responses more personal. Record important data by attaching inbound emails to the corresponding records.

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