Inventory management for flexible workspace operators

Maintain, track and monetize your service portfolio from space to ICT

Staying competitive means expanding your portfolio while staying profitable requires maximizing asset utilization levels. A digital service catalog makes it easy to keep track and maintain your inventory – from desk, meeting room and event space to IT and comms solutions, licenses and ancillary services like postage or printing. Publishing space and service plans online, through your own web estate or third party booking sites, makes it easy to monetize your portfolio.

Want to track and monetize everything in your workspace?

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Inventory management

Creating an online service catalog that includes all your services only takes a few minutes. They’re made available to your members immediately. Monthly allowances, credits and complex discounted hours are easy to create and push across all your sites.

Space and meeting room booking

View all bookings in a single calendar and track space utilization. Create and manage online booking widgets and recurring bookings. List, promote and sell empty or vacant space online through 3rd party websites or directories.

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On-demand IT and comms orders

Your customers can access JEFF, a web-based app interface, that allows them to self-service. On your end, same platform, different view, you have a full graphical representation of your sites, rooms and customers so you can easily provision and assign services.

Limited time discounted rates

Creating promotional discounted rates per day or a specific period of time for meeting rooms or desk space is done with a few clicks. You can apply it with ease on a customer by customer basis without any admin or finance overhead.

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