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Insight Engine

Gain better business visibility into service consumption and upselling opportunities


Accurate and real-time insights

Gain valuable insights and monitor member activity through high level and granular advanced reporting, aiding important data-driven business decisions. 

Service reports

Enhanced Call reports

Wi-Fi Stats

Bandwidth usage graphs

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Advanced insight into service consumption

Connect reporting and analytics capabilities enable you to better understand your flexible workspace members and how they consume services and utilize your workspace.

Accurately track and analyze member’s service consumption

See member time spent on-site in real-time

See which sites are being utilized the most


Key Metrics for Workspace Success

Discover the importance of reporting, space occupancy dynamics and other metrics that are essential to sustain, grow and predict the future of your workspace business.

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Understand customer activity

Get a holistic view of service usage to understand which areas of your workspace and services are most utilized. Get granular company level usage data to drive up and cross-sell opportunities. See new or inactive members to generate service adoption and prevent churn.

Identify upselling opportunities and risk of churn

Improve member experience with relevant and timely service packages

Tailor IT service offerings to members accordingly 

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