ezeep integration

printing made easier.

seamless integration

Manage printing from a single platform

Printing no longer needs to be a challenge for flexible workspaces.

  • Seamless transfer of user accounts and print data
  • No 3rd parties required



automated billing

improve member experience

The seamless billing process means members can print and you can bill with no hassle.

  • Focus on site growth and member engagement
  • Send automated top-up email reminders

flexible packages

control printing limits and packages

Fully configure printing packages and limits for members at a click of a button.

  • Incentivise members with a free amount of prints per month
  • Allow members to print at as many locations as they like

cloud printing

Say goodbye to printer drivers and cables

Eliminates software driver problems, compatibility issues, and device connectivity problems.

  • Gain insight into coworking printing behaviour
  • Save time, money and frustration
  • Quick installation and minimal support
  • Members can bring their own devices


Communicate globally, pay locally.


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