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ezeep Integration

Manage users and print billing from a single enterprise grade platform.


Manage printing from a single platform

Printing no longer needs to be a challenge for flexible workspaces. With the ezeep integration you can manage users and bill from a single interface, whilst members print with ease. 

Seamless transfer of user accounts and print data

All-in-one solution

No 3rd parties required

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Save time and improve member experience

The seamless billing process means members can print and you can bill with no hassle. Even if members exceed their printing allowance, they will be billed automatically. 

Easy to use

Cost and time efficient

Focus on site growth and member engagement

Send automated top-up email reminders

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eZeep printing thresholds


Have control over printing limits and packages

Fully configure printing packages and limits for members with ease. These can be changed and updated at a click of a button in real-time.

Incentivise members with a free amount of prints per month

Allow members to print at as many locations as they like

Adapt to your specific business model


Printing no longer needs to be a challenge

Manage users and print billing from a single enterprise-grade
platform, whilst members print with ease


Say goodbye to printer drivers and cables

Cloud printing allows users to print with ease from any device on the network. This eliminates software driver problems, compatibility issues, and device connectivity problems.

Members can bring their own devices

Save time, money and frustration

Quick installation and minimal support

Gain insight into coworking printing behaviour

ezeep printing thresholds

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