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Connect your sites to a private cloud platform and run your flexible workspace buisness on resilient infrastructure with up to 10gb connections.


Connectivity is key to your members

The rise of the gig economy and new internet-enabled business models have turned connectivity into a make or break deal for your customers.

The level of connectivity needed as well as expectations around speed and availability gets complex with:

More member types - permanent, non-permanent and guests

More space types - office, meeting rooms, shared space

More business sizes - SME, corporate

More demands - shared and dedicated bandwidth

With essensys we have a system that is reliable and does exactly what we need it to do without having to worry if the phones or internet will go down.

Ashley Buckner, Senior VP, Sales & Operations

Carr Workplaces
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True integration and automation

You have many options for sourcing connectivity services and many ways to deliver it, but as you look to scale, you need a platform that:

Delivers connectivity natively, instead of using work-arounds

Gives your members the same great experience across sites

Lets you manage connectivity and reporting across sites

How It Works

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Deliver the experience expected

You can easily switch to a tech-driven workspace and address even the most demanding member needs by opting for a resilient, gigabit-enabled connection for your sites.

Up to 10Gb connection for your primary circuit

A second backup circuit that keeps your workspace always on

Flexibility in shaping bandwidth to meet granular member needs

100% uptime guarantee backed by industry-leading SLAs

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Take your flexible workspace to the next level

Run your workspace on the only true software built for growth and scale.
It's a big statement. We know. We can back it up. Within 15 minutes.

essensysCloud Capabilities

The only always on, always compliant, no excuses private cloud network built exclusively to deliver services and security to the
coworking industry

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In today’s digital workspace security is key to operating a successful business.


Cloud-based, software-enabled infrastructure for control over IT services across your entire workspace portfolio.

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Fully resilient, multi-site architecture to ensure business continuity for you and your members.

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Meet the strict regulatory and compliance requirements of every industry while offering security and peace of mind.

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An unparalleled connectivity experience for members across your entire workspace portfolio.

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