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Wi-Fi Stats

Gain valuable insights into key Wi-Fi usage statistics and patterns for smarter data-driven business decisions across your flexible workspace portfolio.


Oversee workspace performance with Connect

Wi-Fi stats functionality in Connect captures member usage on the Wi-Fi networks, enabling operators with invaluable information and helping guide better business decisions.

Optimize space capacity and resources

Drive demand for unused space

Discover up-sell and cross-sell opportunities

Prevent churn by identifying inactive members

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Leverage analytics to maximize occupancy rates

Gain better visibility into space and consumption patterns of members at your flexible workspace. High-level and granular Wi-Fi usage stats help you see where your members are most connected in your workspace, so you can improve occupancy rates and space utilization.

Improve workspace capacity planning

See Wi-Fi activity over time to spot busiest or slowest activity

Plan staff and layout needs based on member activity and patterns

Drive demand for underutilized meeting rooms, event space and desks


Wi-Fi 101: Your Guide to Workspace Wi-Fi

In a Coworking, flexible, or shared office space, Wi-Fi is an essential service – if not the most essential service. 

Learn how to master workspace Wi-Fi! 

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Smart reporting for greater revenue

Make data-driven business decisions that drive growth. Wi-Fi Stats allow flexible workspace operators to strategize business plans and stay on track for growth. See how fast you’re adding new customers and utilize data to run timely and relevant marketing campaigns that drive higher service and space usage and revenue to your bottom line.

Track workspace growth with data on new members and tenants added over time

See Wi-Fi consumption and time spent on site in real-time

Spot inactive members and prevent potential threats of churn

Drill down to company level Wi-Fi usage and consider up or cross-sell opportunities

Run timely marketing campaigns to drive demand for space

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See it in action

Gain visibility and control of member's Wi-Fi consumption in real-time. Spot upselling opportunities & risk of churn. 

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Up and Cross-sell opportunities

Wi-Fi Stats offers workspace operators data on guest users logging onto the guest network, how often and for how long. Capturing this data opens the door to up-selling opportunities such as memberships, time-based plans or event promotion to non-permanent end-users.

Up-sell space plans to guest users

Track resident members using guest networks to offer a suitable internet package

Better manage end-user Wi-Fi network usage

Prevent slow transfer speeds and unhappy members

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