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Move Scheduler

Remove the manual management of client moves within your flexible workspace and offer greater mobility and agility.


Automated, quick and simple

In Connect you can set up in advance for when new tenants are moving into your space, making the transition seamless and stress-free for both you and your customer.

Quick and easy move set up

Move calendar visualisation

Peace of mind

The essensys platform has enabled us to scale-up quickly and integrate the businesses through fast growth, staying one step ahead of the competition.

Chris Davies

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Workspace moves in a single view

Keep your coworking space organized from the convenience of Connect’s move calendar dashboard to visualize move in and move out dates within your sites. With the automated scheduler you and your new members can have peace of mind that everything is taken care of before the move in date.

Calendar view of workspace moves

Schedule moves with smart automation

Remove manual management of office moves


Take your shared workspace to the next level

Run your workspace on the only true coworking software built for growth and scale.
It's a big statement. We know. We can back it up. Within 15 minutes.


Enable tenants with mobility across multiple locations

The same hassle-free process applies to moving your workspace tenants to a different site. Allow their business to scale by making it easy for them to vacate old offices and select new offices. Simple and automated features like this improve member experience and increase customer retention.

Vacate and occupy offices across a multi-site portfolio

Offer greater mobility and agility to corporate tenants

Automation ensures moves are carried out smoothly

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