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Provide mission-critical IT and voice services to your members on-demand and in real time.


Building an experience

Your members expect a fully-developed marketplace of on-demand services they can access in real time in order to run their business.

Delivering a great member experience becomes more complicated with:

More expectations - service delivery and performance

More services required - experiential apps

More buildings - services availability

More demands - SMEs vs Corporate customers

When I see our service numbers go up, across the board, that not only means satisfied customers and increased revenue, it means that our members are continuing to get more involved in what we can offer.


Ashley Buckner, Senior VP, Sales & Operations

Carr Workplaces
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Deliver the services your members want

You can easily manage your sites and all mission-critical infrastructure services from a single platform:

Internet access and fast bandwidth

Voice services including call answering and scheduling

Call conferencing, reporting, recording and auto-attendant

Softphone app under your own branding


True integration and automation

There is always a workaround for introducing new on-demand services for your members, however when you run multiple sites you need:

A seamless experience from order to support

Unified view, billing and reporting across services

Flexibility to build your own offering

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Extend greater voice capabilities to a wider-range of customers.  


Offer extra IP addresses and a range of control over bandwidth, switches and VLANs. 


Have your pick of Guest Wi-Fi services and access points that match your scale. 


Meet the needs of the most demanding tenants with tools that meet the stringent compliance requirements.


A growing range of applications to complement your workspace offering


Security options for the demands of any workspace 


Take your flexible workspace to the next level

Run your workspace on the only true software built for growth and scale.
It's a big statement. We know. We can back it up. Within 15 minutes.

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