Member community for flexible workspaces

Create a new standard in customer experience and drive new revenue streams

You can transition your members from occupants to brand advocates and active influencers who refer business your way. The better the customer communication and relationship, the easier it is to spot trends and opportunities. Building a compelling value proposition becomes straightforward. Introducing new services and pricing becomes simpler and less risky.

Want to make the most of your workspace for your members?

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Drive new revenue streams

Get access to all individual members in your sites. Increase your revenue exponentially by diversifying your portfolio in line with member demand trends. You can run polls and focus groups, ensuring you introduce star services and 3rd party perks.  

Provide a seamless self-service experience

Make it easy for your tenants and members to consume services by enabling them to reserve desks, book meeting rooms, buy ancillary services – postage, printing, etc. – online. Make statements, invoices and licenses visible and allow customers to settle balances online.

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Make it your own

You can white-label the community portal so that it aligns fully with your brand identity, from look and feel to the tone of voice, as part of your posts and announcement entries. You have full control over the modules and information that you make available.

Create and communicate value

Enable your customers to interact with you and each other through online messages or calls. Use events and briefings to create a friendly environment for networking and doing business together. Have your workspace perceived as an all-size business incubator.

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