North America, 09/12/2022


New survey shows only 1 in 5 office workers admit amenities are what brings them back to the office

—Vast majority of office workers agree that access to in-office tech & flexible workstations are the drivers, according to a new essensys survey


New York, New York November 16, 2022— Office workers find technology and flexible workstations a more significant factor in getting them back to the office than amenities, reveals new research from global software and technology company essensys.

According to the essensys-commissioned survey among 1,000 US office workers, critical findings show that while only 1 in 5 office workers admit that amenities bring them back to the office, the vast majority (63%) of office workers claim technology and flexible workspaces are the reason they come to the office, proving the importance of a tech-forward workplace.

Of those office workers, 34% like the convenience of the space and layout, 27% like having access to multiple workstations, and 26% value more reliable WiFi.

Having the right technology, as well as the amenity space, is critical, as the findings show that 81% of US office workers are frustrated with their current office experiences, and more than half (52%) are envious of the innovative technology available in other office buildings aside from their own.

“Many of the conversations we have had on the return to the office has been around investment into top-of-the-line amenity space. While creating an attractive physical space fit for purpose is important, it’s only one part of the puzzle. Our research revealed that the real driver is access to in-office tech,” shared Jeremy Bernard, the North America CEO of essensys. “With so much to compete against, technology can’t be overlooked as a tool in the back-to-the-office battle. We’re seeing a correlation between frustration with the office experience and the ability of smart technology in a building to attract office workers. Against today’s backdrop of decreasing vacancy rates and economic uncertainty, this can’t be, nor should it be ignored.  The modern office is completely changing; if real estate strategies don’t evolve quickly and support today’s occupiers, there will be even tougher roads ahead in the fight to remain competitive and relevant.”

Furthermore, the results also concluded that more than half (56%) of the 1,000 US office workers surveyed feel the tech in their offices enhances their ability to work. Leading in-office tech that workers want in their office buildings but currently feel they lack are building-wide WiFi, sensor-controlled lighting and climate control, and the ability to access space and services across a network of locations, presenting an opportunity for employers to improve their employees’ office experience with these technologies.

essensys’, whose tech powers innovative companies such as Studio by Tishman Speyer, Industrious, and Serendipity Labs, commissioned the survey through Wakefield Research,  involving nationally representative office workers, defined as professionals working in an office environment at least once per week (excluding home offices), captured between August 4th and August 10th, 2022.