North America, UK, 23/07/2020


London, July 23, 2020 --

essensys plc, the leading global provider of mission-critical software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) platforms and on-demand technology to the flexible workspace industry, announces the launch of Smart Access.

Simpler flex-space access

In a flexible office portfolio, space access is a common pain point for operators and their members. Administering entry for hundreds, even thousands of end-users, across multiple locations, private offices and meeting rooms can be complex and challenging, making the management of workplace access time-consuming and frustrating for occupiers and staff.

Smart Access is designed to deliver frictionless experiences for flex-space users with a simple tap of their smartphones. Using essensys software, flex-space providers can create and manage an extensive set of rules that support dynamic and contactless workspace access in real-time. Time can also be saved in managing lost and forgotten cards by providing members with flexible access options over and above RFID cards, such as smartphones and integrated QR codes.

James Shannon, Chief Product Officer at essensys, commented:

“Access control is a major challenge for the flexible workspace industry. The number of resident and non-resident occupiers across an office portfolio changes constantly. Traditional door access systems do not easily scale and can cause delays and security risks.

“With essensys Smart Access, space providers gain real-time control and simplified, centralised management while streamlining the customer journey. And, because it’s powered by our private network and cloud infrastructure, it’s highly secure and cost-effective to deploy.

“Smart Access enables space providers to deliver friction free movements across their entire portfolio. Functionality is integrated into the operator’s member app, removing the need for additional apps and login credentials and making member access as easy as swiping a phone.

“Door access is just the beginning. With this release we have laid the foundations for future opportunities to allow occupiers to have immediate access to a wide range of services with a simple tap of their smartphone.”

Mark Furness, CEO of essensys, noted:

“As demand increases for more flexible real-estate products and competition for tenants intensifies, workspace providers need to find ways to make offices more secure, productive and efficient. Smart Access is a further example of how technology can help the flexible workspace industry meet these needs, improving the occupier experience and reducing operational overhead.”