Building connectivity is essential

So where could it all go wrong?

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offer the best PERFORMANCE network to your members
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give peace of mind with secure and reliable connectivity
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Top performing internet and Wi-Fi equates to happy TENANTS
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security is a top priority

With companies today relying on SaaS software and storing more and more business-critical and sensitive data in the cloud, security considerations are even more critical.

Ambitious space providers are putting measures into place to secure digital assets and connectivity as a top business priority.

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private networks are the new black

That’s right. Just like open plan workspaces are out, so are shared Wi-Fi networks. With corporate occupiers infiltrating flexible workspaces, the responsibility to provide IT and tech services has shifted from HQs to space providers.

Network segregation is vital to ensure private and secure connections for your tenants. Not to mention service levels that meet tenant requirements.

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From Wi-Fi and wired connectivity to telephony and provisioning, tie your tech services together with other workspace systems, such as visitor management and door access control to facilitate user and device management. Having a single system gives you the ability to manage, monitor and track usage across your network for better performance and security. 

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wi-fi vs wired

The never-ending debate comes down to a simple question: do you want the best performing network? If your answer is yes, then wire-up your workspace. The reality is that Wi-Fi networks have limitations and perform much slower than wired connections.

Cabled internet connectivity offers multiple advantages to space providers. Reliability, bandwidth capacity and resistance to interference, to name a few.

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TENANT experience

Yes, that’s correct. Your internet and Wi-Fi connection are directly related to member experience. In fact, a Deskmag survey identified that poor performing internet was one of the top reasons that members left their workspace.

Ensuring your network is delivering the quality and service levels to meet tenant expectations is critical to customer retention and brand reputation.

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