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essensys empowers ambitious operators to accelerate their growth. Our secure platform combines technology, infrastructure and operational processes into a simple, efficient and easy to manage service experience.

With our platform you get:
Better experiences

We deliver infrastructure and services that help members be more productive, self-sufficient and happy.

increased reliability

We provide enterprise-grade security and compliance from an integrated private cloud that protects critical data, services and intellectual property.

More control

A simplified process and real-time management of space and services so you can focus on helping members.

greater clarity

We use powerful business intelligence to unlock the insights in your data. Discover new profit and service opportunities.

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Need help? let’s have a chat.

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Our platform in a nutshell
Flexible workspace software and security gold icon

Software-controlled infrastructure
delivered by a private cloud

Resilient connectivity with integrated
voice services* and access control

* only available in UK & NA

Service and tech gold icon

Purpose-built, modular operating system
including flex-space billing, contract
management and recurring charging

Integrated member experience including
real-time access to spaces and digital services

flexible workspace integrated member experience navy icon

purpose built coworking software gold icon

Services and technology bundling to
create additional revenue streams

Integration with best-of-breed
enterprise software platforms

enterprise flexible workspace icon navy

open API gold icon

Open APIs* to support custom integration

* requires approval

Integration with cloud-based data marts and
enterprise BI platforms

BI integrations navy icon

Why Virtual Office Services are Essential for Flexible Workspaces

Discover what Virtual office services are and how to drive revenue

Ashley - Carr Workplaces
Carr Workplaces

Ashley Buckner, COO

“We can now focus on our core competencies and grow the company. essensys enable us in the same way in which we enable our own clients”