Workspace management software

Operate provides the tools to effectively and efficiently manage flexible workspaces – from lead management to cash collection, and everything in between.

We have since developed our platform, which builds new capabilities on top of our digital infrastructure to deliver exceptional in-building experiences around the world—all in a single platform.

What is Operate?

Operate simplifies everyday tasks and gives you complete control when managing your workspace operations. Operate automates all key business processes needed to manage flexible office spaces, from lead management to easy billing. Growing a flexible workspace portfolio doesn’t need to be daunting. Operate makes it easy to scale your business across multiple sites.

Flex workspace software

Real-time control and management of your workspace portfolio. Operate allows you to automate key workspace activities, oversee the entire customer lifecycle and provide occupiers services that are easy to book, buy and bill – all in one place.

Occupier experience

Provide a seamless, self-service digital experience by making it easy for your occupiers to book and pay for meeting rooms along with other services from the convenience of their smartphone or laptop.

API and integrations

Operate is designed with workspace operators and their existing systems in mind. Its comprehensive management and integration capabilities, including billing partners, keep your operation running smoothly.

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