Also focusing on the emerging hybrid work model of home and office working, JLL’s recent ‘Shaping Human Experience’ report identifies four unique worker profiles, characterised by their appetite for home working: 


  • The Traditional Office Worker wants to work exclusively in the office, demanding in-person activities and an office-centric work pattern. 
  • The Experience Lover demands high flexibility and consider the office as a key destination. They want to be at home one or two days a week. 
  • The Wellness Addict puts their work-life balance first, demand flexibility and choice, and prefer three to four days at home. 
  • The Free Spirit has the biggest appetite for remote work. They demand full empowerment and a work-from-anywhere working pattern and want to work full-time from home. 


As the JLL research shows, without careful management frequent remote working can have a negative impact on workforce morale and productivity. But with over half of employees falling into the Experience Lover and Wellness Addict profiles, the challenge for employers will be finding the optimum balance of remote vs office work to maintain engagement, commitment and satisfaction. 


While they navigate this hybrid model, employers will be looking for support from space providers that have the flexibility to meet their needs today and in the future. 


Download the ‘Shaping Human Experience research from JLL