Gensler’s US Workplace Survey Winter 2021 captured perspectives from over 2000 respondents about the return to the office. Recent COVID-19 variant surges have thwarted return to office plans, but Gensler’s research shows that companies are still planning how to get their employees back in the office.


Their research highlights that the office is a prime location for employees to collaborate with peers and be more efficient in independent work. However, they value private spaces more than ever with almost 75% of respondents reporting they’d feel more comfortable returning to the office if they had access to more private space. For space providers, this strengthens the argument for making space and services easily adaptable and accessible.


Gensler suggests this is an optimal time to experiment with new real estate strategies that support new and distributed new ways of working. The office remains a critical component of any business. According to Gensler, the benefits it offers – the best tools, spaces and experiences – cannot be replicated remotely.


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