PWC and the Urban Land Institute, Emerging Trends in Real Estate


PWC have outlined what they see as new dynamics unfolding in the APAC commercial real estate market. Landlords are being impacted by occupiers demanding more; according to PWC, this means having to adapt to occupier demands such as “less dense workspaces” and ones which offer “collaborative facilities and experiential spaces”.


In the region, flex offices are “becoming increasingly popular ways for occupiers to hedge uncertainty about future staffing requirements” as well as to minimise exposure to “long-term leases of conventional office space”.


PWC also mention the increasing focus on technology in this space and what companies expect it to offer. Investors are looking more frequently at acquiring and analysing data – landlords want office assets to become “data enabled”. This is because occupiers are demanding, from landlords, real-time data on space utilisation and energy usage.


You can access the full report here.