According to Microsoft we have now reached an inflection point in the lived experience of hybrid work in their latest research: Great Expectations: Making Hybrid Work Work. The report makes it clear how much employees value flexibility and wellbeing, and that these new expectations create an opportunity for organizations to reimagine work-life integration as a win-win.


Our current working climate leaves all parties with one question: what is the role of the office? Business leaders ponder, how do teams build social capital in a digital-first world? The report states that 43% of leaders believe relationship-building is the greatest challenge in remote/hybrid environments, and another 43% of remote employees say they do not feel included in meetings.



“You must design workplaces with enough flexibility to support every employee. A mix of quiet places, collaboration areas, and touch-down locations helps ensure everyone can be connected, engaged, and productive.”

– Michael Ford, CVP of Global Workplace Services, Microsoft


Microsoft’s 2022 Work Trend Index report outlines findings from a study of 31,000 people in 31 countries, along with an analysis of trillions of productivity signals in Microsoft 365 and labour trends on LinkedIn.


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