This recent report looks at key trends and insights on occupier sentiment across Europe based on CBRE’s summer survey of over 130 respondents. Key takeaways around office models, workplace strategies and flexibility include:


  • 77% of large companies are leaning towards mixed and hybrid working patterns but there is still uncertainty around execution.
  • 79% Expect office-based work at least half of the time; The office is still a strong feature in the future distribution of work, but it will be used differently.
  • 18% of companies expect flex space to account for the majority of their portfolio; Flex is increasingly valued by occupiers and will continue to rise.


The report also highlights the focus on tech-enabled collaboration for new workplace strategies. It’s evident that technology is critical to collaborative, engaging and culture-driven workplace solutions, and in supporting hybrid working patterns. Companies are using or considering the following CRE technology for their future working plans:

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