Traditionally, a commercial office fit out project would be categorised as either Cat A or Cat B. However, recently, in an attempt to adapt to ever more demanding occupier requirements, a new category has emerged, Cat A+. This new category combines all elements of a Cat A plus added features of a Cat B fitout. Cat A+ becomes what can be also referred to as ‘plug-and-play’ space, ready for occupiers with no delay. 


React News reported on recently published research from RX London & Thirdway Group who looked into market performance of the early Cat A+ space available. 


  • Average Cat A+ unit size = 3.8k sq ft. The largest is 16k sq ft 
  • Compared to Cat A, Cat A+ net effective rent achieved is around 31% higher 
  • Marketing void periods typically halved in length with Cat A+ space 

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