For landlords

A complex landscape

As offices shift to a digital-first model to improve in-building experiences, the future is becoming increasingly complex for asset owners and operators.

With an increased demand for more flexible ways of working and more adaptable workspaces, landlords are reassessing their real estate strategies.

Attracting and retaining tenants by adapting to and meeting these changing needs is paramount in today’s competitive real estate landscape.

The resources needed to manage and maintain a digital first approach are often vast, manual, and can lead to error prone and unsecure operations, unable to power a digitally enabled building, or support growth at scale.

There is another way

With the right technology in place you can leave complexity behind.

The essensys Platform enables the simple automated management and provisioning of in-building networks and on-demand digital services across spaces and buildings.

  • Easily adapt spaces and services to meet changing building needs and minimise vacant space.
  • Deliver and manage a flexible and adaptable proposition that meets tenants needs.
  • Provide seamless and secure digital experiences across spaces and locations.

Support your future ambitions for digitally enabled buildings, spaces and portfolios and provide exceptional tenant experiences at scale.



Enable move in ready spaces.

Adapt to evolving tenant needs.

Reduce complexity of operations.

Automation of manual processes.

Simplify the complex

Making the complex simple is central to what we deliver.

We make it easy for you to embrace a digital-first strategy, removing the complex technical activities that are required to deliver adaptable on-demand digital services across buildings and spaces.

By automating network provisioning and management we remove manual, time consuming, error prone processes that are resource heavy.

You and your teams can focus on valuable strategic initiatives that drive tenant satisfaction and reduce costs.

Secure and resilient

Data security and infrastructure resilience are both vital when you want to deliver digital services that exceed tenant expectations.

The essensys Platform has enterprise-grade security at its core. From our Global Private Network through to how we manage and deliver WiFi, you can be confident your tenants always have access to a private, secure and reliable connection.


Portfolio-wide capabilities

The essensys Platform allows you to easily scale and deploy your digital-first proposition across multiple sites.

With portfolio-wide capabilities we can help you to deliver tenants a truly seamless digital journey across multiple office locations.

Minimise technical resource requirements as you scale, and gain full visibility, security and control all from one central point.

Be ready for the future

Adapt to future market requirements and easily and securely roll out new technologies.  

Be ready and able to offer more digital services to tenants.  

Easily change and adapt services in a flexible way to meet evolving tenant demands.  

Securely and quickly manage building wide connectivity, access control and space bookings.  

For landlords: delivering digital first buildings and spaces


Remove the complexity of managing in-building networks, to enable you to deliver seamless experience for your occupiers.


From our network infrastructure to how we deliver WiFi - we ensure enterprise-grade security, to exceed your needs.


The essensys Platform grows as you do. We enable the delivery of consistent cross-portfolio experiences.

Future ready

Digitally enable your spaces, with what you need now and for the future. Ensure your portfolio is ready to react to evolving market dynamics.

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