A landlord’s guide to flex-TECH part 2


With the shift from product to service models, technology is now a critical priority for landlords. Flexibility, services and amenities are now the demand default among office occupiers. And flexible workspace technology is a key enabler to deliver on those requirements. Making the right technology choices can reduce operational complexity, improve occupier experiences, and help meet growing demand for agility and flexibility.

Remove operational complexity

Managing a flex-space is inherently complex thanks to the multiplicity of the business model – managing multiple tenants with varying requirements across multiple spaces. Removing disparate technologies and automating time-consuming business processes frees staff to focus members and growth strategies.

Leveraging the right technology offers more control over your operation and eliminates mundane administrative processes that distract you from accelerating growth.

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Future-proof with technology

The investment you make in infrastructure and services can keep your business running into the future by enabling flexibility and agility that tenants demand. Enterprise-grade technology ensures the delivery and performance of critical services that keep your business running like a well-oiled machine.

In turn you’ll have happier, renewing tenants, higher occupancy, and will be better positioned as a premium brand for growth.

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Mitigate security risks

Ensuring secure technology means protecting business and customer data and intellectual property from security threats, compliance fines and reputational damage. Keeping control and visibility of the many devices connected to your network should be a priority in a flex-space operation.

Enterprise-grade technology is a considerable factor in mitigating security risks posed to your organization.

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Accelerate growth

With greater scale, your brand can effectively compete for more market share. Leveraging cloud-based technology enables you to replicate services across new locations quickly and easily. It removes the hassle of multiple contracts, systems and vendors, each with their own lead times, costs and specifications.

Integrated and purpose-built technology removes the obstacles that arise with expansion, facilitates staff training on tech and service delivery, and reduces time to revenue.

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Billing and Cash Collection

Collecting payments is critical. To make sure billing is seamless and efficient, collect and maintain accurate customer data at on-boarding. Integrate workspace management software with your accounting system for real-time visibility into payments owed across your entire portfolio.

To get 360-degree visibility into business performance across the entire portfolio, consolidate your systems into a single flex-space tech platform.

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Mobility and Member Experience

Today’s workers have the luxury of choice, flexibility and high demands. They expect technology to make their busy lives easier. In the office environment, an app is an integral part of how occupiers get their work done and consume space and services.

Going mobile gives you a competitive advantage and enables more transactions, feeding directly into your revenue streams.

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