essensys empowers landlords and operators to efficiently control and manage digital services in flexible spaces, enabling seamless occupier experiences and driving operational excellence.

We enable our customers to support their end-users’ needs and deliver high-performance, secure and resilient digital services on-demand.



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Enhance experiences

Elevate your workspace experience by creating a seamless and personalised environment by tying users, spaces and digital infrastructure together.

Streamline operations

Simplify the complexity of flexible operations by gaining full control over your spaces, networks and digital services.

Improve performance

Attract and retain occupiers with even the most demanding requirements by offering workspaces with ready-to-go, customisable digital services.


Harness the full potential of data-driven insights with comprehensive analytics, real-time reporting and full visibility over your portfolio.

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Find out more about how we have helped our customers digitally enable their buildings, spaces and portfolios.

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