Space publishing

With Flex Services Platform, you can quickly and easily publish available spaces to 3rd party sites. There’s no need to manually enter information or transfer leads, and no need to update as real-time availability comes straight from the platform.

Reach a wider audience

List your meeting rooms and workspaces on office space aggregator platforms. Potential occupiers can view the real-time availability of your meeting rooms and workspaces, and book instantly.

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Improve occupancy

Increase occupancy with access to a larger prospect audience.

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Capitalise on promotions

Offer marketing promotions for last-minute bookings, to avoid unused space.

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Increase brand awareness

Keep your brand at the forefront of occupiers' minds, with exposure to a wider audience.

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Improve efficiency

Simplify processes with automation, syncing information back into the essensys platform so it can be quickly actioned.