With Flex Services Platform you’re not restricted to a standard contract. You get complete flexibility so you can meet the exact needs of your customers, and accelerate sign up. You also get complete visibility of availability and when things are coming to an end, so you’re always in control.

Improve your contract and license management

Say goodbye to multiple systems and spreadsheets. Manage your occupier’s contracts and license agreements in a single platform. Efficiently turn prospects into customers, offer flexible deals, reduce overheads and increase accuracy.


Streamline your operations

Make your contracts hassle-free, with options from day rates to long- and short-term contracts, recurring billing and stepped license management. All in a single software platform for greater accuracy.

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Increase conversion rates

Turn prospects into customers more quickly with smart workflows. Plus, drive revenue with automatic renewal options.

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Improve the occupier experience

Give your occupiers flexibility with fixed and rolling terms and online payments.

Increase revenue

Generate revenue

Make occupier services easy to buy and automatically bill the relevant account.