Bookings & Availability

Get complete control over bookings and availability. With Flex Services Platform, spaces can be made bookable in an instant, with real-time availability for your customers. And, because access control is built into our platform, booking a room automatically creates the rules to grant access, giving a seamless experience for your occupiers.

Seamless booking experience

Create a seamless occupier experience with real-time availability and simple, straightforward booking of meeting rooms, desks and other resources. Occupiers can easily see what is available, book in an instant and, if required, our fully integrated platform ensures they are accurately billed for the services they use.

Instant icon

Real time

View real-time availability through a simple calendar.

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Occupiers can book services with just a few taps.

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Quick and accurate

If required, our fully integrated platform provides automatic billing and syncing with occupier records.

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Our calendar app automatically syncs with your occupier records and reports on space usage.