With essensys, you get the levels of accuracy, automation and convenience that can only be achieved with a complete platform. No more pulling multiple data points or exports from different systems, and no more errors from rekeying data. Complex billing scenarios including pro-ration and overlapping contract periods are also handled automatically.

Improve your billing

Automate manual, repetitive tasks to ensure accurate and efficient billing of services. Our platform removes the headaches of flexible workspace billing, and keep you in control.

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Accurate, automated and efficient

Bill your customers correctly with detailed descriptions of services consumed. Manage billing through a single interface and see individual accounts at the click of a button.

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Automated billing

Take control of all your plans, orders, payments and renewal-related tasks from one place.

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Eliminate errors

Set your billing parameters by seamlessly creating invoices, accessing charge sheets or adding one-off charges and discounts against accounts. Simplify bill runs by setting up automated invoices and export invoices straight into your financial system.

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Secure payment processing

Fast and secure payment processing to suit each occupier, including flexible payment options.