Space Operations

Maximise insights and profitability while ensuring accuracy, by streamlining and automating workspace processes. Integrate with best-of-breed business applications so your teams have access to the most effective tools.

Bookings & Availability

Give occupiers a seamless experience with real-time availability and on-demand bookings through the platform’s easy to use mobile app and web portal.

Simplify bookings for you and your occupiers


Manage contracts, licenses and renewals in a single system and quickly turn prospects into customers. Simplify the creation of flexible packages and deals, while reducing overheads and increasing efficiency and accuracy.

Streamline your flexible workspace offering


Automate manual, repetitive tasks to create detailed, accurate breakdowns of your occupiers’ service consumption for efficient invoicing and accurate billing. Automated billing puts self-service at the heart of digital transformation.

Learn more about billing functionality in the platform

Cash Collection

Give occupiers a simple way to settle their bills, while ensuring accuracy and efficiency through automation. Flexibly manage plans, orders, payments and renewals from a single interface, without having to worry about billing reconciliation.

Simplify cash collection

Accounting Exports

Manage your accounting with access to key transactions, invoicing and credit notes. Remove manual rekeying and reduce errors through integrations with accounting software like QuickBooks, Xero and Sage.

Take control of your accounting

Sales Process

Give sales and operations the best view of all the information they need with integration to your CRM system. Streamline the sales process by effectively managing leads from brokers and other sources, using the right tools to convert them to occupiers, and monitoring their full lifecycle.

Find out how our platform streamlines the sales process

Space Publishing

Increase occupancy and brand awareness by promoting spaces and meeting rooms to online platforms, with real-time availability and instant booking.

Advertise your available space online

Who uses our platform?


"essensys is transforming the way our team and members engage with our workspaces." - Rachael Gursky, VP of Customer Experience and Technology

Carr Workplaces


“We chose to go on this journey with essensys to differentiate ourselves in an increasingly competitive industry” - Ashley Buckner, Chief Operating Officer

Everything Coworking

Chicago, USA

"essensys is advancing the industry’s perspective on the role that technology plays in the ecosystem of flexible workspace. The bar for occupier experience will continue to rise and it is supported by seamless technology that operates flawlessly behind the curtain" - Jamie Russo, CEO

Oxford Innovation

"As part of our offering, we deliver utilities and building infrastructure to take the pain from the day to day running for our customers. However, we weren’t convinced we were offering the cutting-edge, innovative solution, which is why we chose the essensys platform" - Kelly Carter, Commercial Manager, Oxford Innovation