Space Analysis

With our complete platform, you get greater insights into how your spaces are working. Understand exactly what services are being sold, accurate occupancy levels and Wi-Fi consumption – by space, by site and across your portfolio – so you can continuously improve the experience for your customers.

Analyse and adapt

Gain visibility across your entire portfolio and get the information you need to quickly react to market changes. Drill down into performance and trends and create custom reports on occupancy levels, space utilisation, service charges and assets to reveal up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

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Stay competitive by reacting quickly to the market and optimising resources.

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Keep on top of what’s happening in your spaces with dashboards for key insights.

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Improve the occupancy and re-occupancy experience.

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Connect office locations via our digital infrastructure for insights across your entire portfolio.

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Build on basic Wi-Fi analysis to overlay access control data, IoT and sensors for a fuller, richer analysis layer.