Touchless Access

Your occupiers are looking for instant and secure access across your office spaces, and now you can give it to them. All with a single tap of their smartphone.

Seamless smartphone access

Allow access to everything your space has to offer, all with a single tap of a smartphone. Touchless access gives users the option to open doors, book and pay for spaces immediately with one app.

The combination of our private network, cloud infrastructure and software means our touchless access goes beyond just access control. It lets your occupiers interact freely with our technology throughout their day in the office.

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Instant access

Our cloud infrastructure means there's no waiting for systems to update. Access to meeting rooms and services, including printing and desks, is immediate.

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Multi-location entry

Seamless entry to relevant spaces and utilities across your different locations. Every office is connected via our digital infrastructure, so your spaces are always on and secure.

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No worries

Avoid the hassle of replacing lost cards or people sharing them, as your occupiers can use their smartphone.

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Peace of mind

Touchless interactions give occupiers peace of mind when returning to the office after Covid-19.

On demand

Maximum productivity

Saving time on booking services with instant booking, access and payment.

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Automated billing

Ensure accuracy and simplicity with automated billing activity statements.

Security checklist

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Underpinned by our private network and cloud infrastructure.

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Touchless access prevents lost or borrowed swipe cards.

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Single access control infrastructure across estate simplifies management and reduces mistakes.