Tenant Engagement

Flex Services Platform gives you maximum choice when it comes to tenant engagement. You can use our built-in capabilities or take advantage of our native API integration to 3rd party tenant engagement apps. Whatever makes most sense for you and your customers.

Give your occupiers the best experience possible

Make interacting with your spaces as easy as possible. Give occupiers real-time availability of meeting rooms, desks and other services across your portfolio, and the ability to book, access and pay for services with the tap of a smartphone.



Smart Access offers access control technology that sits across your entire portfolio. From booking meeting rooms to grabbing a coffee, our platform provides everything you need to keep your occupiers’ experience friction-free.


Available anywhere, any time

Allow occupiers to remain productive even when they’re away from their desks. With a mobile app, occupiers can book on-the-go.

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Increase revenue

Offer all your services on the app and web portal and make it as easy as possible for occupiers to book and pay for what they want.

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Put your spin on it

Customise the mobile app and web portal with your own branding. We take personalisation to the next level with your own app store entry including name and icon – and we take care of ongoing development and maintenance.

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Keep occupiers in the loop

Make sure your message gets through. The mobile app allows you to keep occupants updated with a customisable news feed that showcases events and promotions. You can also send announcements using push notifications.

Built-in app & Web portal

Flex Services Platform provides a built-in, fully branded mobile app and web portal, giving you the ability to quickly and easily give your occupiers the mobile experience they expect. Make it as easy to book and pay for a meeting room as buying a coffee, and give a consistent experience from their mobile or laptop.

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Keep your occupiers’ experience seamless from their app to their desktop with your own branded web portal.

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Our mobile app is delivered from your Apple Store or Google Play Store presence to maximise trust, and all traffic is encrypted.

Partner integrations

Deliver even more by integrating Flex Services Platform with one of partner tenant engagement apps. Take advantage of additional functionality, including:

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Visitor management

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Additional resource booking

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Retail and payments

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Event management

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Building operations