Occupier Experience

Attract and retain more long-term occupants with a platform built to transform every aspect of the occupier experience. Our digital infrastructure and software applications streamline how occupiers adopt, use and interact with your spaces, making them more productive and self-sufficient.

Frictionless Access

Create a seamless and safe experience for occupiers by allowing them to access workspaces, meeting rooms and more with their smartphone. The easier it is for your occupiers to access your services, the more they'll keep coming back.

Simplify occupier access to spaces and services

Enterprise Experience

Configure space for enterprise customers across multiple buildings and deliver a seamless and dynamic booking and availability experience.

Build a seamless experience for your occupiers

Tenant Engagement

Simply and easily engage your occupiers with everything at their fingertips. Use our built-in mobile app and web portal, or deliver even more through our partner integrations.

Engage your occupiers

Who uses our platform?

Carr Workplaces Mobile App

Find out why Carr Workplaces made the switch to using the essensys flexible workspace mobile app.

Tishman Speyer

New York, USA

“We knew we needed to provide a scalable, premium technology and digital experience, but quickly found it wasn’t practical to do it on our own. To achieve the required level of security, resilience and flexibility, we needed the essensys platform” - Michael Caracciolo, Senior Director

Everything Coworking

Chicago, USA

"essensys is advancing the industry’s perspective on the role that technology plays in the ecosystem of flexible workspace. The bar for occupier experience will continue to rise and it is supported by seamless technology that operates flawlessly behind the curtain" - Jamie Russo, CEO