Our unique private network and cloud infrastructure means you can easily and efficiently deliver enterprise-level security for occupiers on a single Wi-Fi network. Data is segregated into specific customer networks, with individual user logins and user-based tracking. And with all locations connected to our global network, customers can seamlessly connect to their own customer network at any of your locations.

Offer your occupiers seamless Wi-Fi experiences

Fast, secure and reliable Wi-Fi is essential – and we make it easier than ever to provision and manage. Keep your occupiers connected with simple access to a secure offering that provides usage stats and enterprise Wi-Fi reporting for improved decision making.

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Enterprise-grade connectivity

We don’t offer the kind of consumer-level Wi-Fi you would typically get at home or in a coffee shop. With the Flex Services Platform, every user has unique, device-specific login credentials, while a secure Wi-Fi network provides user visibility and trackability.

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Connect guests without risk

Guest users are rarely the same on any given day. You have the option to create a specific guest network, with username-based access and time-limited connectivity. Branding the log-in page promotes your business and provides a seamless in-building experience for guests without compromising your network.


Global Wi-Fi roaming across all your locations

Occupiers can use the same Wi-Fi credentials whichever location they’re in, and they will automatically connect across your portfolio with no additional setup.

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Optimise performance for all your occupiers

Monitor usage, occupancy and performance with easy-to-use Wi-Fi reports, and offer bespoke Wi-Fi packages to your occupiers based on usage analysis.

Security checklist

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WPA2 - 802.1x authentication - highly secure and typically only available to enterprises.

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Fully encrypted over the air - even when roaming across locations.

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Per-user device specific credentials means no more changing Wi-Fi passwords when users leave or potential security threats by sharing passwords.

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Across the Wi-Fi, users are connected to their own private VLAN for optimal performance and to prevent security risks.

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You can customise the name of your secure network, also known as the "SSID" to make it easier for your occupiers to connect to the correct network.

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Have peace of mind when it comes to potential security threats by creating a separate Guest Wi-Fi network for short-term users.


Wi-Fi 6 (also known as 802.11ax) is designed to improve speed, increase efficiency and reduce congestion in heavy bandwidth usage scenarios and demanding Wi-Fi environments.

What’s unique about Wi-Fi 6 is how it handles the growing number of internet connected devices. Traditionally, the more devices connected, the slower the network which means slower devices and unhappy occupiers.

With Wi-Fi 6, each device performs at an optimum level as it is an upgraded standard that allows compatible devices to transmit Wi-Fi signals more efficiently.