Smart Access

Our purpose-built access control gives you complete control over physical access to your spaces. With ‘dynamic rules’, access is automatically added based on space bookings and doors can be opened immediately – something not possible with traditional access control systems. And because it’s built into our platform, everything is managed from one central place, access rules can be automatically created simply by assigning a customer to a space, and occupiers can use a single app for bookings, availability and access.

Designed for flexibility

With shared resources, shorter-term access requirements and more frequent moves, adds and changes, access control must be immediate and fully integrated into the workspace. Smart Access uses the essensys private network and cloud infrastructure, so access is easily granted during onboarding along with any other services, and any moves or changes can be instantly made.


Real-time interactions

Unlike legacy wireless access control systems, occupiers can access meeting rooms and offices immediately. There are no delays for access rules to sync across devices, so occupiers can get straight to work.


Multi-site access

Give your occupiers access to all your locations from the same app with flexible token options including security cards or smartphones.


Say goodbye to extra wiring and hardware

There’s no need to worry about extra wiring, space and hardware. essensys Smart Access plugs directly into your existing network infrastructure.


Streamline onboarding

Automate processes and save time using a single platform that even works offline. Use the same platform to manage your occupier’s Wi-Fi, internet and access control. You don’t need multiple systems and duplicate data entry.

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Increase occupier engagement

It only takes a tap to book, access and pay for a range of services in your space, including meeting rooms, private offices, food and drink, and printing services.


Frictionless experiences

Improve efficiency with easy, fast and secure entry, and tap-to-open and buy services.


Secure and always on

Smart Access is underpinned by our private network and cloud infrastructure, so you can be sure access is secure, immediate and always on.


Avoid wireless challenges

By using the existing network infrastructure, Smart Access avoids any negative impact on Wi-Fi performance caused by wireless access devices, as well as the need to constantly replace batteries.

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Protect revenue

Ensure occupiers can only access what they are entitled to use, while giving the ability to book, pay for and immediately access amenities with their smartphone.

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Underpinned by our private network and cloud infrastructure.

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Smartphone integration prevents lost or borrowed swipe cards.

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Single access control infrastructure across your estate simplifies management and reduces mistakes.


Access to meeting rooms and spaces is just the start. Our digital infrastructure means you can extend into a range of other occupier services, creating an environment where occupiers can seamlessly interact with your workspace from the convenience of their smartphone.

Bring mobile access to:

1. Collect output from a printer
2. Book and pay for a hot desk
3. Start video conferencing services
4. Book and pay for meeting rooms
5. Book and pay for private offices
6. Tap to open secure lockers
7. Buy a coffee or beer