Private Network

Our global, privately owned network connects every building so you can manage all locations in one place, and occupiers get a seamless roaming experience. We are the only vendor that connects fibre to every building, so you deliver the best occupier experience with enterprise-level security and superfast connectivity.

Give your occupiers the network they need

Your network is critical. That’s why we made the decision from day one to only offer privately owned and managed networks. This means you don’t need to worry about troubleshooting technical issues or security concerns and can focus on your business. It also makes it easier to cater to any requirement around internet speed, SLAs and network security.


More than just great Wi-Fi

Our network is the bedrock for secure device management, allowing occupiers to implement Bring Your Own Device policies and better access spaces and occupier services. Standard consumer internet is simply too weak to support these.

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A connection you can trust

Our network offering is 100% private and scalable, with regular security audits, password authentication and administration-only access. Your office locations are connected to Tier IV, ISO 27001-certified data centres.

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Flexible options for different needs

Our flexible options include public and private IP address packages and dynamic IP addressing, so you can meet different occupier needs.

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Make network management easy

Our private network puts you in the driving seat. A live graphical representation of switch ports allows non-technical staff to make simple changes. Anything from allocating ports to creating Wi-Fi networks can be completed in minutes rather than days. This means your team can spend their time in front of customers rather than in comms rooms.

Security checklist

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Every occupier has a private VLAN and security boundary.

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Enterprise security Wi-Fi.

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Managed stateful firewall security.