Take total control with the ultimate in bandwidth management. Make sure occupiers always have what they need with dedicated pipes and traffic shaping, and analytics for continuous improvement. Create upsell opportunities by creating different packages and allow occupiers to self-service to meet their needs.

Delight occupiers with enterprise-grade services

Our private network features 24-hour monitoring and bandwidth management with full control over delivery. Supported by multiple transit routes, firewalls and auto-rerouting for IP addresses, our connectivity allows you to deliver consistent, resilient services that meet your occupiers’ needs.

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Tailored options

Cater for every kind of business with different internet speed levels, SLAs, enhanced network security and secure wired or wireless options. Offer dedicated bandwidth or shared bandwidth options with no compromise on performance. All in just a few clicks.

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Valuable insight

Analyse consumption trends, uncover upselling opportunities and design the right bandwidth packages for your occupiers. Drill down to specific customer and site level for greater control and visibility.

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Automation and self-service

Let automation do the hard work for you. Allow occupiers to self-serve increased bandwidth via a mobile app or web portal, and the platform will provision the new service immediately and update billing.

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Managed stateful firewall security.

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High-availability architecture ensures always-on service.

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Scalable dedicated bandwidth offerings to assure service levels.