For flex operators

Delivering flex is not easy

Running a flexible operation is technically complex.

Delivering premium digital services for your customers easily, quickly and securely is key to success.

Managing new and existing customers and their changing needs is complicated, time consuming and vulnerable to human error.

Ultimately this complexity can impact customer experience and satisfaction.


There is another way

We help flex operators leave complexity behind.

The essensys Platform automates the countless manual and error prone processes required to run an efficient flex workspace operation.

Helping to deliver reliable and secure digital services to your customers, at the touch of a button.


Automate the onboarding process.

Reduce risks.

Reduce operational complexity.

Consistent scalable proposition.

Simplify the complex

Making the complex simple is at the core of what we deliver.

By automating network provisioning and management we remove manual, time consuming error prone processes.

The essensys Platform enables you to focus on delighting your customers.

Secure and resilient

We enable you to deliver secure and resilient digital services to your customers.

Simple management of private network connections, enterprise-grade WiFi and our fully secure global private network gives you the digital backbone needed to power your flex workspace operation.

Scale with ease

Complexity and scale do not work well together.

By enabling an efficient, lean and streamlined operation you can be best placed to scale and grow your offering.

Do not be held back by technical resource requirements and lack of the right infrastructure.

The essensys Platform enables the delivery of simple, secure and flexible operations.

Be future ready

Occupiers are becoming increasingly more demanding. There is an expectation to deliver ease of occupancy, frictionless interactions with buildings, spaces and the technology within them.

Mobile-first access, real-time booking, collection of charges, meeting room access and dynamic digital signage are all possible with the essensys Platform.

Our secure and resilient intelligent digital backbone provides the software and technology to deliver what your customers need, when they need it.

The essensys Platform: designed for flex


Remove complexity from running operations, with automated provisioning of services to support your customers.


Deliver enterprise-grade secure WiFi and network connectivity to your customers.


Deliver consistent experiences and resilient digital services at scale without needing heavy technical resources.

Future ready

Adapt to ever evolving customer demands, deliver digital-first strategies and stay ahead of the competition.

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How do you scale a flexible workspace proposition while ensuring consistency, seamless experiences, and security? How do you scale over 120 locations in over 40 markets globally, with another 40+ sites to come, in just four years?


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