Automate your day-to-day finance tasks to focus on driving and collecting revenue

essensys keeps Finance Directors happy by seamlessly integrating into all major finance packages and reducing time to cash with multi-channel payments

essensys is home to all of your core financial activity, meaning that you can take a quick real-time snapshot of your workspaces finances through our reporting suite. Understand risks, remove surprises and collect cash.

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Integration into financial packages

The essensys platform integrates into most major finance packages. To ensure you get a seamless experience from lead to cash. You can import opening balances from existing sources to so that you’re always working with accurate data in both systems. UK customers can also enable direct debit payments via Al Batin, Coins Export, GoCardless.

Remove revenue leakage and billing errors

With a standardized product inventory, you can ensure that all services are correctly billed. Remove the worry of revenue leakage and billing errors by making it easier than ever for your customers to pay for services and automating the billing process.

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Reduce time to cash with multi-channel payments

Collect cash easily with credit/debit card or direct debit. All payments are recorded by the account with a clear record to ensure you can track accounts receivable with ease. Our point of sale interface means your centre teams won’t miss any billing opportunities so you can avoid revenue leakage.

Automated bill runs and invoice manager

Automate the billing and invoice process for your workspace. Create bill run parameters and automatically create invoices for unbilled charges. You can create standardized invoice templates aligned to your brand and add any fields from the essensys platform. You can allow customers to see invoices and make payments online.

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Simplify budget planning and increase accountability

Create a budget for revenue per sq.ft. per site and month, occupancy percentages, REVPOW, and revenue by product group. A set of fully functioning drill through dashboards give you real-time insight into financial performance per site, region or the whole business.

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