WiFi that works

We bring a lot of disciplines together into a unified proposition.

Some companies are WiFi experts, some deliver networks, some provide a form of coordination. We do it all. 

We don’t outsource to other people, we don’t use lots of engineers. We automate to avoid errors and inefficiency.

Key points

We have a unified proposition that delivers enterprise-grade WiFi across your locations.

WiFi network infrastructure

A single, building-wide network managed through the essensys Platform.

Secure tenant Virtual Local Area Networks.

Secure guest network & building coverage , easily adaptable to floorplan changes.

Design & deployment

+15 years experience designing and delivering WiFi for buildings & spaces.

Best-in-class hardware and vendor accredited methodology.

Designed for high-density environments and maximum throughput.

Post-installation survey using thousands of checkpoints.

Network monitoring & automation

24/7 wireless health monitoring.

Constant device heartbeat to detect and resolve issues before they have an impact.

Automated issue interrogation, diagnostics and resolution.

Engineers on-hand when required.


Network symmetry to ensure excellent upload and download speeds.

Application-layer quality of service for business-critical applications.

No download limits, no throttling.

We’ve deployed our infrastructure on more than 450 sites, running over 25,000 networks.

One automated network

WiFi uses radio waves operating in a crowded spectrum. Adjacent WiFi networks interfere with each other, which is especially challenging when multiple tenants occupier the same building.

The essensys Platform controls all of the WiFi access points in a workspace, using one common software to manage them all as a single network, ensuring there is no disruption.

A single access point can broadcast multiple network names (SSIDs), but once you go beyond three the overhead starts to reduce the effective payload.

We have a smarter way: providing everyone their own discrete part of the single network. We carve up the single network into different vLANs. Each user gets access one based on username and password and is electronically secured by the system.

We use the industry standard authentication protocol (802.11x), but the way we apply it makes the difference. You can allow someone to move anywhere (gym, coffee shop, reception…) and still access their own secure network perfectly, rather than jumping on to a public or guest network.

Brilliant systems not overworked engineers

With the essensys Platform we make provisioning networks, simple, repeatable and efficient. All made possible through intelligent network automation.

We monitor, alert and respond.

Every 60 seconds the essensys Platform sends out a heartbeat to every device on your network, which allows for instant recognition of any issues, and the triggering of an automated workflow service should it be required.

Through intelligent network automation issues can be detected in seconds, solving any problems quickly, before they impact the end customer experience.

With clear, simple communications we keep your teams informed.

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