We’ve got you covered

We’re confident in what we do, so to back that up we provide you with a guaranteed service level agreement (SLA).

Our SLA ensures that your access to the essensys Platform and network is guaranteed.

We offer rapid support for any critical incidents, various touchpoints to contact us, and the option for regular reviews and reporting to ensure we’re helping you meet your business objectives.

Key points

Ensuring you get everything you need, when you need it

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Guaranteed uptime

A minimum of 99.9% uptime for the platform and network guaranteed

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Credit model

We provide a credit model for downtime Service credits for any platform or network downtime outside of the SLA

Incident support

24/7 for incident support for any downtime or mission critical issues

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Go enterprise

You have the option to upgrade to our enterprise SLA 99.99% uptime, enhances support and dedicated Customer Success Manager

More on SLA

We have intelligent network automation built into the essensys Platform. This means that most issues are detected, diagnosed and resolved before they cause an incident. If anything does cause downtime in our platform or network, then we offer support to get the incident resolved as quickly and as smoothly as possible. We’re so confident that we’ll meet our uptime SLAs, that we offer you service credits if we don’t.

The essensys Platform comes with our business SLA as standard, offering a great level of reliability – with 99.9% guaranteed uptime, 24/7 incident support, and more.

Our enterprise SLA offers the highest level of service and support. It includes 24/7 incident support over the phone and live chat available 24/5. We’ll respond to any priority incidents within 15 minutes, and you’ll be allocated a dedicated Customer Success Manager to provide support and guidance. On top of this, you’ll receive ad-hoc incident reports, monthly updates and a quarterly business review to ensure we’re meeting your needs.

Business SLAEnterprise SLA
Platform & site uptime Guaranteed minimum uptime for the platform network99.9%99.99%
Live chat In-platform live chat support for any downtime or mission critical issues12/524/5
Incident supportIn-platform live chat support for any downtime or mission critical issues24/724/7
Incident response timeFast response time for all priority incidents30 mins15 mins
Fast response time for all priority incidentsOver-the-phone support for priority incidents-24/7
Credit model for downtimeService credits for downtime of the platform or site connectivity10/524/7
Customer success managerDedicated success manager to provide customer support and guidance-Included
Quarterly business reviewQuarterly reviews of SLAs and business objectives-Included
Incident reportingFull summary report and root cause analysis for all incidents-Included
Monthly reportingMonthly report on platform & network performance, support and incidents and open projects-Included

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