The future is flexible

Today’s occupiers are demanding more than ever from their workspaces. They want flexibility, innovation and exceptional in-building experiences.

essensys is the partner you can rely on to deliver next generation flexible real estate solutions. Our software and technology brings together your people, spaces and operations to meet - and exceed - occupier expectations.

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All the software and technology you need

Control the complete workspace experience, every step of the way

Inspire your occupiers

The world of work is constantly changing. Build truly dynamic workspaces and friction-free journeys to keep your occupiers productive, happy and always connected.

Secure your operation

Digital security is the number one concern for enterprises using shared workspaces (Cushman & Wakefield Research). Our secure, enterprise-ready platform gives you confidence that you’re delivering unparalleled resilience and service performance.

Do more with less

Occupiers need quick solutions to complex problems. We bring the physical and digital layers of your operation into a single platform so you can respond faster to customer requests. Reduce downtime and vacancies by unlocking efficiency, on-demand services and actionable insights.

Scale with your ambition

Off-the-shelf software packages and managed service solutions are not designed for the challenges that come with scale. Our digital infrastructure supports your business over the long term, so you can grow with predictable costs and minimal overhead, while delivering the same amazing in-building experiences.

Keep it simple

Flexible office models are notoriously complex. By contrast, the essensys platform uses self-service and automation to simplify operations and give you effortless control over your technology, workspaces and services.

Stay competitive

In a fast-evolving market, staying relevant is a top priority. With secure services and premium workspace experiences, you can attract and retain tenants, while demonstrating a proven proposition that appeals to landlords.

Operators that partner with essensys

Tishman Speyer

New York, USA

“We knew we needed to provide a scalable, premium technology and digital experience, but quickly found it wasn’t practical to do it on our own. To achieve the required level of security, resilience and flexibility, we needed the essensys platform” - Michael Caracciolo, Senior Director


"essensys is transforming the way our team and members engage with our workspaces." - Rachael Gursky, VP of Customer Experience and Technology

Oxford Innovation

"As part of our offering, we deliver utilities and building infrastructure to take the pain from the day to day running for our customers. However, we weren’t convinced we were offering the cutting-edge, innovative solution, which is why we chose the essensys platform" - Kelly Carter, Commercial Manager, Oxford Innovation

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