Amenities form a part of curating an attractive occupier experience but it is technology that has the real impact.

While much of the industry narrative has been focused on amenity rich buildings, in a recent essensys-commissioned survey among 1,000 U.S. office workers, results show that technology and flexible workstations are a more significant factor in attracting them back to the office.



The findings suggest a gap between what the real estate industry is providing and what occupiers want.

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“The modern office is completely changing – embracing flexibility and digitalization; if real estate strategies don’t evolve quickly and support today’s occupiers, there will be even tougher roads ahead in the fight to remain competitive and relevant.”

– Daniel Brown, CRO at essensys


Only 1 in 5 U.S. office workers

Admit amenities are what bring them back to the office.

Of U.S. office workers

Claim technology and flexible workspaces are the reason they come to the office.

Of U.S. office workers

Are frustrated with their current office experiences.

Of U.S. office workers

Are envious of the innovative technology available in other office buildings aside from their own.

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