Defintions Step Services

Last updated 10/03/2021

The following defined terms apply to STEP Services in addition to the set of definitions stated in our Terms and Conditions. Terms stated in bold in the defined terms below therefore refer to those definitions already stated in our Terms and Conditions.

Accessmeans primary and backup point-to-point Layer 2 circuits provided by essensys using Tier 1 telecommunications carriers.  Access is available in bandwidths from 100Mbps to 10Gbps.
Active Areameans an area of the Premises either being the Common Parts or an area demised to an Occupier and provided with any Service by Company measured in Square Feet (Active Square Foot) or Square Meter (Active Square Meter).  In the US, areas measured for this purpose (other than Common Parts) should be based upon the RSF.
Common Partsmeans all areas, within the Premises from time to time as may be reasonably designated for the common use of any of the occupiers of the building
Marketplace Servicesvariable services available to Customer charged on consumption.
Premisesmeans the area of a building expected by the Customer to be used to provide flexible occupation to tenants and for which the Customer will use the Services at the location as described in the order form.
Site Hardwaremeans any goods, products or materials sold to Customer by Company pursuant to a Service Order
Softwaremeans the current SaaS applications branded Operate and Connect and any future application or derivative supplied by Company
STEP Activation FeeA one-time fee for Site Hardware and associated services required to enable an area of a building to become an Active Area. 
STEP Software FeeAgreed amount per Active Square Foot or Active Square Meter expressed as an Annual fee, but charged monthly in arrears, subject always to a minimum chargeable Active Area of 4,950 Active Square Feet.  Any area that becomes an Active Area in any Calendar month will be chargeable from the day that it becomes Active until the day that it ceases to be an Active Area.
Useable  Square Foot (USF)Means the verified measurement of the space or square footage within the Premises, not including any Common Parts.
VisitorMeans a person that makes a visit to the Premises, where they are not an Occupier.  The visit is usually temporary.