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Manage your coworking space from lead to cash & everything in between

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"Quite simply, essensys is an outstanding company with great technology, service and personnel.."

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Run the most efficient coworking space

You can automate your entire customer lifecycle and ensure all your teams pull in the same direction.

Automated workflows help you provide the slickest experience for prospects and members alike- trigger personalised email and SMS comms.

Send internal notifications to your sales, finance, centre and community teams to ensure a smooth onboarding experience.

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Boost profitability for your coworking business

Turn your website into a revenue generating machine using online service plans and booking widgets.

You can sell monthly membership plans, daily hot and dedicated desk packages, virtual office services and time-based meeting room plans within minutes.

All of course inclusive of Wi-Fi, Voice, network and flexible bandwidth services. Plus other add-ons.

Differentiate your coworking space

All your members want an easy way to interact with peers and some want a seamless experience across all your locations.

You can give them access to your own branded member portal to start connecting and self-serve on desk and meeting room bookings, IT and comms services. Your Wi-Fi network will recognise them across all locations.

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Sustain your competitive edge

The essensys platform allows you to quickly monetise any service or bundled offering you can think of within minutes and without management overhead.

You can build a service catalogue with ease and make it available on your website or at point of sale.

If there’s one thing your competition can’t replicate it’s a great customer experience and you can build it.

Drive more leads, convert them quicker

Promote relevant & timely offers for prospects & members

Create vibrant, self-service communities

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