essensys adheres to a quality management system relevant across all levels of the organization and consistent with ISO 9001. Our quality objectives have been defined in accordance with SMART; they are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timed.

  • We endeavour to deliver our services to specification, on time and to the price quoted. This is measured by onboarding KPIs, NPS surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, client feedback, and stats around project delivery time frames and budget reports.
  • We endeavour to satisfy our clients’ requirements and get things right the first time. Should we make a mistake, we acknowledge the error and rectify the situation as quickly as possible. This is measured by a number of non-conformances, complaints, corrective action reports, customer feedback, quantity of customer credits issued over a period.
  • We aim to achieve and maintain a level of quality which enhances our company’s reputation with customers. This is measured by Net Promoter Scores and Case Quality checks.
  • We analyse customer feedback data and business performance data to ensure that our Quality Objectives are being met. This is measured by our customer satisfaction audit following our NPS surveys.
  • We aim to deliver services that are available 24/7/365, with minimal disruption during core business hours to our customers. This is measured by our infrastructure operations team using system uptime and availability metrics.
  • We aim to deliver customer invoices and reports on the first working day of the month. We measure this with our active site invoice audit each month.
  • We aim to sell quality products and services to customers whilst working to continuously expand the functionality and capabilities of our offerings to meet market needs.